It is a feature of the Fresenius Medical Care Employee Login Portal that allows the employee to manage various employment-related information using the Employee Login Portal to access multiple job-related information. To provide you with quality benefit programs that meet your individual needs.FMC4ME Fresenius Medical Care North America (FMCNA) 2018 is pleased to partner with DirectPath, formerly Enrollment Advisors (EA), and their team of trained and authorized educators. . Today, we are going to discuss FMC4ME Company employee benefits.

Benefits Available To FMC Employees

Several voluntary open enrollment benefits are available to employees working at Fresenius Medical Care North America:

(1) Universal Life Insurance

  • Universal LifeEvents: It is possible to customize a LifeEvents plan to meet your lifelong needs. You benefit from a higher death benefit during your working years when expenses are high and your family needs maximum protection. The death benefit is reduced by a third at age 70 when financial need is typically the lowest.
  • Accelerated Death Benefit: Although life expectancy is short, the accelerated death benefit is 75% of the death benefit.
  • Benefit Option – EZ Value Plan: The EZ Value plan automatically increases coverage as demand grows without an additional subscription. The first five years of coverage require an additional premium of $1 per week for employees and spouses.

(2) Accident Insurance: It covers emergency room care, outpatient surgical treatment, outpatient surgical center, medical consultation, hospitalization, occupational and speech therapy, chiropractic consultation, and physical therapy.

Advantages Of The Accident Insurance Plan

  • Insurance coverage is transferable. Leaving the company or retiring without answering new health questions will not affect your coverage.
  • Accident pensions are available for accidents at work and accidents at work.

(3) Sickness Hospital Confinement Benefit

When hospitalized for an insured illness, the insured, spouse, or child receives a daily allowance. Employees and their spouses will receive a daily allowance of $100 for each day they work. Child insurance pays 75% of the employee’s value. This benefit is available to family members covered by the basic plan.