Mobile Application

Fresenius Medical Care North America members can access their accounts online through the fmc4me online portal, which allows them to create an account, reset their credentials and access their accounts online. The company specializes in the field of medical sciences related to kidney disease. The organization provides insurance benefits to its members working in the CME medical sector.FMC4ME Do you have smartphones in your hands? If yes, then you are in luck. Because today many jobs are facilitated by smartphones. You can do your work like register, apply, schedule appointments, assign shifts, etc., online through various apps available on your Android or Apple electronic devices. Since we are talking about the Fmc4me portal, you will find its mobile app on this page, known as the “Schedule Wise” app.

Schedule Wise App For Fmc4me Members

We are pleased to announce that Fresenius Medical Care North America has released a new mobile app called “ScheduleWise” for smartphone users who are customers of our company FMC4ME. This app is available on the Google Play Store if you use an Android smartphone. If you have an Apple electronic device (such as an iPhone or iPad), you can install this app from the “Apple Store.”FMC4ME-ScheduleWise-Mobile-App

ScheduleWise is a free application that Android and Apple users can download and install on their devices. You can download and install the app on any mobile device with a browser, such as smartphones, tablets, iPads, or other tablets. A good internet connection is required when downloading the Schedule Wise app on your device. Your electronic device (e.g., your smartphone, iPad, or tablet) should have plenty of storage space.

Fresenius Kidney Care direct patient care employees can now view and control their appointments over the phone. Feature Overview Available in Schedule Wise Mobile App:-

  • Check Out Your Schedule: Once the calendar is displayed, you can access it from any mobile device.
  • Open Shifts – Register: Add your clinic to your clinic’s list to receive notifications. Whenever you need to make a change, you can do it from anywhere.